Monthly Archives: March 2016

No More 

You gained my trust,

then you stripped me bare.

You watched while my life was being destroyed before your eyes.

I thought I could count on you, 

but it seems you can’t just count on anyone.

Needless to say,

you gave me an insatiable lust for blood and your demise.

Moments of my life, 

wasted thinking about you.


you will no longer have that power over me. 

You will have nothing to do with me, 

and I will have nothing to do with you.

Sure, it’s been this way for a while,

but I have been carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders,

all because of you.

No more. 

There will be no more.

You are nothing. 

You always have been and you always will be nothing. 


Instantaneous Fixing 

If I could have fixed myself, 


don’t you think I would have done so by now?

Maybe I’m a little unstable by nature,

maybe I’m going through a really long rough patch, 

or maybe I’m continually kicked while I’m down;

causing recovery to take a tad longer than most. 

Whatever it is, 

doesn’t matter to me in the slightest.

What matters is that I am trying my fucking hardest, 

with baby steps every day,

whether you can see it or not. 

Angry Poet Shit Part 4

Nah that’s it, 

fuck this shit.

Tired and sick, 

fed the fuck up real quick. 

Gonna snap at any time now,

been bottling all this shit and I don’t even know how. 

Weight of the world pushing me down,

everyone treating me like I’m a fucking clown. 

Nah that’s it,

fuck this shit.

Now it’s time to do me,

and opinions will no longer be the silent death of me. 

BadDays/To No Avail

When the bad days came,

they were stronger than each previous time.

When the good days came, 

life felt like a blessing. 


the bad days were stronger than the good.

Partly because they were more memorable,

partly because she wanted to find the root of the pain.

She felt the pressure of the world on her shoulders,

slowly crushing her.

And she didn’t want to feel like that.

So she dug deep,

but to no avail. 

She tried harder,

but to no avail.

And now,

she just didn’t know what to do anymore. 

Angry poet shit part 3 

Maybe I might step on some toes,

but who gives a damn when I’m happy, 

and it fucking shows.

Hushed my opinions for years,

didn’t want to upset anyone,

yeah, that was one of my biggest fears. 

I kept everything on the low,

thought that maybe, just maybe,

then nobody would know. 

Now I’m ‘well-adjusted’,

and I don’t have fucking time,

to care if others get a little flustered.


And we felt, 

we felt ever so deeply.

We were so very creative,

we were constantly embracing the happy moments in life, as they were seemingly few and far between.

Not like others, 

not like the ones who were deemed to be normal, or stable, as some would put it

We are the crazies,

we are the freaks of our society.

And to no fault of our own,

and to no fault of our own that we are seen this way. 

Stigma still runs rampant throughout our society,

stigma still makes people believe we’re less than human – simply because we have disordered brains. 

No One Can Fucking Hurt Me 

To bring me down via your words and insults,

is an impossible feat.

For I have been called all of those nasty things before.

Sure, plenty of times by others, 

but I’ve learnt, 

when you are the one crushing your own soul,

no one can fucking hurt you.