Monthly Archives: June 2016

Can You Adapt To Pain? 

Can you adapt to pain? 

Or is it something that will continually tear you down to your knees, 

living a life of sadness and regret?

Can you adapt to pain? 

Or do you just learn to live with the awful thoughts, 

the terrible whispers and the mind boggling feelings? 

Can you adapt to pain?

Or is it something that sits on the sidelines,

whilst you try your hardest to live a somewhat happy life? 

Tell me, 

can you adapt to pain? 



Eyelids heavy,

heart even heavier.

Something about this time of year awakened the darkness.

She knew it was approaching,

her inevitable shitstorm of a breakdown.

But she wanted to handle it differently, this time. 

For once, 

she was going to take it head on,

with full expectations of depression coming and grabbing her by her throat, 

and leaving her utterly breathless. 

She was going to fight back, 

kick the bad feelings away,

and prosper,

instead of crumble. 


Perhaps why she felt so unfulfilled was because she was giving all of her love to others, 

and not to herself.

She was always there for everyone, 

always doing things to make others happy, 

or maybe it was so they wouldn’t think she was such a burden.

And somehow along the way, 

she seemed to have forgotten to care about herself, 

disregarded how to love herself how she should.

Maybe it was time for her to make a change in life.

Maybe it was time to learn to love herself again,

like she had already done a million times before.

Maybe it’s time she stopped overcompensating to make her feel better, 

maybe it was her time to shine. 

Life – Choices 

You can choose to run,

and you can choose to hide.

You can choose to force others to save you,

and you can choose to live in self pity.

But I can assure you,

Your life will not be worth living if they are your choices.

Life is not about idly sitting by and letting the bad happen to you.

Life’s about getting kicked a million fucking times and still getting back up, just to win the day. 

Life is a an ever changing challenge that you must face head on, on your own. 


And at times,

she shined;

so brightly that others couldn’t help but radiate towards her soul. 

Though this was often the case, 

she was also often struck down into the depths of hellish depression;

silently being suffocated by her own thoughts. 

And this is when she was dull.

Her shine simply disappeared, 

as though it were never there at all.

And she felt ever-so low,

her heart ached and her hands trembled; 

her mind was against her and there was nothing she could do but continue to fight.

And so she did,

for the shine was worth more than a million diamonds. 

Growing Up

Remember when we were children, and all we wanted to do was grow up?

Now we’re adults, and we’re always looking at a half empty cup.

The innocence left inevitably, and life got harder.

So we lost our positivity, and now we’re trying to look farther. 

The silver linings become fewer and fewer by the day.

But if you don’t keep on searching, you’ll lose your mind and it’ll forever be astray. 

Please keep fighting, 

there’s no use in hiding.

In My Fucking Head

You can’t run from extreme paranoid delusions.

You can’t hide from them.

They take over your mind like nothing else and make you truly believe the worst is about to happen.

In my case, it’s always people coming to get me. 

I hear a stir in the night, and the paranoia kicks in. Soon enough I’m feeling as though there are people in my house going to kill me. 

And I try to escape, but to no avail,

because it’s entirely in my fucking head.