Monthly Archives: September 2016

Reasons To Live

It’s the glimmers of light through the storm cloud,

and the smiles from strangers.

The warmth of a loved ones hug,

and the smell of fresh flowers. 

It’s the feeling of true love,

and the idea that things will get better.

These are the things that keep my heart beating and my mind working and my soul warm. 

Focus on the little things and you may find that you awaken your inner being like never before. You find your purpose and achieve what you have set out to do in life. The conscious being is one who can see both the good and bad in life, but still prosper. 


In Hell 

What’s another sleepless night..

in hell?

What’s another day living like this..

in my shell?

What’s another meaningless fight..

in hell?

What’s another kick..

when I’ve already fell? 

What’s another thought of never breathing again..

in hell? 

What’s a lifetime with mental illness?

Only time will tell. 


The paranoia takes over.

And all of a sudden, everyone’s the enemy. 

You feel uncertain and unstable, among numerous other things.

You find your thoughts wandering to places you hate, that are really just figments of your imagination. 

And everything is different when you’re in this state, because you can’t even truly trust yourself. 

Never Been Happy 

There was nothing that could be said, 

and seemingly, nothing that could be done, 

to cure the deep sadness that resonated within her. 

She had taken all approaches, at one time or another,

and this has, unfortunately, led to the realisation that she has never been happy.

There were some good days, sure, but happiness was always just slightly out of her reach. 


And perhaps,

just perhaps,

one day this will all make some sort of sense to me. 

Maybe I’ll learn to cope better when everything becomes seemingly too much to handle.

Things would be different then, 

because I wouldn’t feel like I’m all alone, shouting for someone to care. 


Struggling to write,

trying my hardest to fight

But the words won’t come out,

and I’m filled with doubt 

Wishing things weren’t like this,

but knowing that this is life with mental illness. 

The One 

Though I know that all events are simply just random occurrences making up life, it gives me great pain to think of the one. 

By ‘the one’, I mean the one night that changed my whole life forever – changed me forever. 

There’s an ache in my diaphragm, it’s as though my heart has been broken; 

alas, not due to love, which would be much more bearable and not to mention preferable to the truth. 

No, this is an ache that will never pass. 

If only everyone else could understand that.