Spare The Bullshit

I realise that my heart is a lot more open than some others.

Trust me when I say that this is a fact, and what a painful realisation it is. 

I can be at the lowest point, in my own personal hell, but I will still make time for other people. 

Which, has seemingly, turned me into somewhat of a doormat. 

I am walked all over and I am told that what I do is not good enough, and I don’t need to have that sort of negativity, when the voices are screaming the same damn thing at me every day. 

So please spare me the bullshit, I have my own and no one else’s have to matter to me anymore. 


About zedmondson

Zoe. 22. Australia. I'm writing to share my experiences with Bipolar Disorder with others. I believe in fighting stigma surrounding mental illness. I believe in being able to wear my heart on my sleeve; or on my blog. And I believe in myself. That's what my blog is all about. Hope you enjoy x View all posts by zedmondson

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