She fought and she fought, for years on end. Ever since she could remember, actually. 

When others gave up, she was there to help them fight, too. 

Alas, all the fighting and not a whole lot of winning can cause an awful lot of dismay in a person. 

But what really hurt her, the thing she could not stand the most – was that because she had been fighting for so long, no one seemed to recognise it anymore. 

And when she struggled, few were there like she was there. 


About zedmondson

Zoe. 22. Australia. I'm writing to share my experiences with Bipolar Disorder with others. I believe in fighting stigma surrounding mental illness. I believe in being able to wear my heart on my sleeve; or on my blog. And I believe in myself. That's what my blog is all about. Hope you enjoy x View all posts by zedmondson

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