And some days, 

you won’t even recognise your trigger. 

You’ll just wake up, 

and feel as though you’ve taken twenty steps back. 

You’ll want to curl up into a ball and cry the day away, 

but there’s a voice telling you that you don’t even have that right. 

You were okay yesterday, 

why aren’t you today? 

And the voice gets louder as the day progresses,

and it starts to scream at you that it’s not okay to not be okay.

And it hurts a whole lot battling with the voices,

but if you don’t battle you succumb to their ways. 


About zedmondson

Zoe. 22. Australia. I'm writing to share my experiences with Bipolar Disorder with others. I believe in fighting stigma surrounding mental illness. I believe in being able to wear my heart on my sleeve; or on my blog. And I believe in myself. That's what my blog is all about. Hope you enjoy x View all posts by zedmondson

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