The Voices. 

It was in the greatest pits of despair of my life, 

that I found myself. 

The voices shouted at one another relentlessly during this time, 

but one thing became apparent, 

and that was that the voice begging to live was a lot louder, a lot stronger and a lot wiser than the others. 

So I muted the other voices. 

Of course, sometimes their muffled screams bothered me to no end, 

and of course, sometimes they were a lot more clear than the main voice,

but that didn’t stop me from trying to make the best of a bad situation. 


About zedmondson

Zoe. 22. Australia. I'm writing to share my experiences with Bipolar Disorder with others. I believe in fighting stigma surrounding mental illness. I believe in being able to wear my heart on my sleeve; or on my blog. And I believe in myself. That's what my blog is all about. Hope you enjoy x View all posts by zedmondson

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