Monthly Archives: June 2017

Feel Everything. 

Once upon a time I grew hateful of the world, of the people in it constantly letting me down due to expectations that, I myself, had set for them.

I gave up, to put it frankly.  I pushed my expectations to the side and genuinely believed that, that in itself, was the way to live life.  Expectation free meant hurt free, after all, didn’t it? 

Alas, I was naive to think such a thing. 

Later in life, I evolved.  Smarter, wiser, more able to cope with the pain.  It became so very clear to me, in this time, that pain is supposed to be felt. 

The universe doesn’t give us such an array of deep emotions for no reason.  No, we are meant to feel; every little thing.  Even if it hurts us, even if it changes us. 

We are destined to feel everything we’re faced with, and we should be grateful for that fact. 



Fool me once, 

and I’ll take another. 

Fool me twice, 

and I’ll take another. 

But you won’t fool me three times. 

Never again will I desintegrate the pain with a little yellow pill. 

Never again will I use them to numb the pain. 

Instead, I will feel everything. 

And that’s plenty okay with me,

because if I were to numb the pain once more, 

I would not be numbing life away. 

Rage Fade

Let your rage fade. 

Do not succumb to the temptation of giving up. 

I repeat,

do not give in, do not give up. 

Let the rage fade. 


use it as the fuel to your fire, the passion in your life, 

use it to succeed. 

No Worries. 

My heart will not grow weary in your name.

My soul will not wither from your shortcomings.

And my mind will remain just fine,

without you. 


You’ve scalded me with judgmental words and careless actions. 
And I refuse to let myself burn,

for the sake of keeping you warm.