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Chasing a dream 

We’re all chasing a dream. 

At every stage in our lives, at every twist and turn, up and down, we are always just chasing a dream. 

It’s what makes humans thrive and it’s what keeps us alive.  The constant chase can tear you down like nothing else, but it also makes you rise above.  It makes you stronger, because with every little dream achieved and made into a memory, you dream bigger.  

I’m not trying to say you won’t break your heart in the process of accomplishing a dream, and I’m certainly not saying that they will ever be easy.  Hell, sometimes you’ll think you’ve failed, but the secret is to not count attempts at a dream as a failure, because you truly tried and that’s half the damn battle.  

But dreams are yours, and they’re there for the taking. 

So find what fuels your firey passion and chase it down with everything you’ve got.  



Managing Bipolar Disorder can be tricky, to say the least, and medication plays a large part in treatment and recovery.  

I have been medicated incorrectly, I have gone off my medication abruptly, I have tapered off, I have taken it for years on end and sometimes I’ve given it up entirely for years on end.  I cannot count on two hands how many medications I have trialled and found to be unsuitable for me.  I have found what I can and cannot tolerate, body wise. 

So I guess I’ve been around, in terms of medication.  I’m not saying I’m an expert, but from my experience and in my personal opinion, I believe medication along with therapy is a dream team of treatment for Bipolar.  

As Manic Depression is chemical and genetic  rather than situational, it is important to find the right balance – whether it be through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or mood stabilisers and the like.  Without any treatment, it is a very difficult disorder to manage, which is why it is so important that people who are suffering get diagnosed correctly.

I am currently on Antipsychotics and Antidepressants to manage my condition and it helps me an immense amount.  But that doesn’t mean it came to me easily.  As I said, I have trialled many medications, many therapies, and I have been labelled a ‘sensitive case’ by medical professionals, due to the reactions that take place from most medications for me. 

Do you think that stopped me in my search for sanity though? 

Nope, not for one second.  In my younger days I did not understand therefore I did not partake in the appropriate measures to feel a bit better.  But since educating myself and being educated by others, I have found solace.

Medication will be a part of my life forever, and I have no problem with that.   What I have a problem with is the judgement inflicted upon me when I state that I am medicated.  I have been told so very many times that there’s natural solutions, but that’s not the case for every disorder.  Bipolar is incurable.  It is manageable though, and you can still live a normal life while you have it.